Monday, April 11, 2011

X Y and now Zyperexa

Saturday- went in the evening to see Peggy...sleeping in bed at 7:30, back to being groggy, and mumbly, and drooling. We watched TV, she seemed to enjoy it.   I brushed her teeth. Bloody on one side.  She's not letting them brush her teeth.  SO, what that means is she is knocked out, yet still lashing out.  Not a good combination.

Sunday- We all went to see her in the afternoon.  Still groggy, still mumbly, still drooling.  WHAT IS GOING ON!  I'm frustrated.  They know I am.  These changes in meds are hard to bear.  Could it be the depakote?

The doc took her totally off of Risperedol and is now trying Zyprexa....let's see how this goes.  He also completely stopped the Paxil.  I'm going to see him again on Thursday, and hopefully we can get Peggy to a place where we are all comfortable.

The thing about Alzheimer's is that she's probably totally comfortable, quite happy as a clam.  She doesn't even feel pain!  Like when I brushed her teeth, she winced a little, and I asked her if it hurt, she tells me "no".  She doesn't know a thing is wrong with her.  When I ask her, she always says things like
"fine, wonderful, beautiful..".  When Sonny her caregiver asks her, she tells him to "Shut up!" 
What am I supposed to do with that?