Friday, October 21, 2011

There is no nature vs. nurture, just love.

Mother's Love
Sunny, Lois, Gidget, Liam and Allen
  If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my post about being adopted and my search for my birth family....well that day came last week.  It's been pretty strange, amazing, exciting, weird, and sad.  My birth mother died at a young age, 37 from an aneurism, not but ten miles from where I live now.  She came from a big Irish family just outside Chicago.  They have all been calling me and I can tell they really loved her and are so excited to meet me.  It's almost like I am picking up where she left off, age wise.  My first connection was with her twin brother Dan.  Peggy had a twin sister that died in her 30's as well.  Dan has a son, who came over to our house last week!  His name is Liam and he is so cool and sweet and fun and well, kinda looks like me!  Okay, so how do I make this post short.  Well I guess it took 24 years to find them, it might take a few words to tell the story.  My mom helped me fill out some paperwork when I turned 18 that would put my name on a list, and if the birth family was on the list've got a match!  There never was a match, and I continued to look, sort of, throughout my young adult life.  I was curious.  I also wanted to let my birth mother know that everything had turned out alright.  That I was happy, I had a neat family that loved me, and well that I wasn't "an accident".  Long story short.  That same society ALMA and Catholic Charities gave me the clues I finally needed to make the call to Dan.  I asked if he was Dan Fountain, and if he had a twin sister named Patricia Fountain, and that I believed she was my birth mother.  He said, "your the baby" and proceeded to tell me the rest of the story....

Me talking to Dan for the very first time.

The first person I wanted to tell was my Mom, Peggy.  So I took her for a drive and I did.  And she smiled and listened and I talked.  My Mom has always been there for me, and she still is.  I love my family so much for giving me love and freedom and making me feel special because I was adopted.


We raised $4950 for the Walk to End  Alzheimer's!!!!Here are some great photos from the day. I want to really thank everyone for donating.  There were so many people at the walk with so many stories and your donations helped every single one of those people and their families.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ukelele Visit

Sunny just started playing the ukelele, she carries it around with her wherever she goes.  So far this is the only song she knows...and they love it, everytime.