Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little girl medicine

We went to Nana's late the other night, sometimes the day gets away from us.  So the girls brought chocolates, and their smiles.  She didn't want to get up yesterday or today, she didn't even want to go and get her hair done.   She was dressed and comfortable, just kinda didn't want to do anything.  I can imagine it can be hard to wake up and participate in a world you don't understand anymore and everything is a shade of grey.  But, the little girls are pretty hard to resist and with them comes pure love and genuine smiles and well.... twirling girls seem to be pretty good medicine.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"I didn't know you knew David"

new alzheimers gene link discovered

click on these to read an article on a genetic link.

While in Chicago, Peggy was very upset with me when we went to dinner with David.  She kept saying "I didn't know you knew David"  "Why didn't you tell me?"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunset at Sunrise

I went to see Peggy today after dinner.  She was out in the "family" room watching TV with the other residents.  She looked great, very happy to see me, and her hair was done from her weekly appointment.  Sandy put together a great outfit for her.  She always looks good in pale pink.  Anyway, we took a little walk down to the lobby and sat and had tea and cookies together and listened to Nat King Cole, and applauded after every number.  She kept saying how lovely and nice it was here, and talked about how it   was calm and lovely, loves the decor.  She made me so happy to see her like that.  Sunrise is so nice and they really want you to treat it like a home.  She's really moving around with the walker, I think she feels more confident with it.  She kept asking me what street it was outside, I started out with Coldwater Canyon, then after a few times of that I switched to Roosevelt Road, and then well, I just said "Main Street", and that was the end of it.  Thanks to everyone there, I'm so glad she is settling in and laughing again.  Thanks to Allen my husband who put the girls to bed so I could go over there.  Today was a good day.