Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gidget's asleep and Peggy's awake!

  Linda called me on Monday, Peggy is up, she's eating, talking, she's awake.
I got over there on Wednesday (I actually had a paying job this week) and...she's asleep.  Totally asleep, in her chair, won't open her eyes, won't eat, won't. won't. won't.  I called Linda, she called the and downs, in and out of psychosis.  Let's monitor her, we need to get consistency so that we can actually help her.  I believe them, Sonny looked right in my eyes and shook his head.  She was awake?  So...I go home before lunch...I can't stand to try and shove food in her mouth again.  Is it me?

Today I stopped over and Peggy was awake, and Gidget was asleep!  So we chatted, she tells me
 "I love it here"  "You are so beautiful" and we drank tea.  She held the cup.  I watched her eat with a fork, by herself!  Here is the Peggy we know and love.  A little talkative, very smiley, slightly agitated and best of all awake!  I'm so glad to see her.  This is the first time in a month I am confident that this was the right move.  Now, with some consistency we can make her very comfortable and loved.  I hope she sleeps well tonight, I know I will.