Monday, March 28, 2016

A must share to help raise awareness

I Got That Dreaded Call.        

Alzheimer's has so many faces, I have been following this family's journey and her latest post is so important to read and share to understand the true need for a cure.  Please read and share.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Her bracelet

I'm not a fancy gold bracelet kinda gal.  I'm sure to scratch, get paint all over, or most likely lose it. But what's the point of keeping the good stuff tucked away in a drawer, or only bringing out her fancy china for company?  If I get a little paint on it, or a dish breaks while having a tea party with my daughter it'll have the wear and tear of real life and these are the joys I'd love to share with Peggy now.  So I try to enjoy the things we do have and  I wear her bracelet all the time now.  
 It always looked so pretty on her, and it still does.

Fancy jewelry and the good china
A very special tea party with Gidgey and Spots when she was  2.