Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's today?

Monday.  Okay, yes Peggy is awake.  We are getting closer to her baseline.  No drugs.  She kinda still goes in and out of psychosis.  She is manic talking again...remember that video about six months back...  I just pat her hand, tell her it's okay, and she'll relax a little.  Here I am complaining about too much talking when a few days ago I was so upset she wasn't talking!  Typical Californian, it's either to hot or to cold, never rains or to much rain.  Sonny and the others are getting to know her better, and what sets her off.  Apparently Sonny is no "Bono", but his singing does help change her.  I remember back in Wheaton, Claudia used to sing with her as well.  God, I remember going to see her that summer when I decided she needed more care and how Claudia was doing the best she could every day.  How she yelled at us, and was getting really manic in moments.  And here we are today.  Same person, different place, same disease, different treatment.