Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Peggy used to be a great knitter...I brought over an afghan she had made and put it on her couch, and asked her if she remembers making it.  She doesn't.  Why do I think memory is so important, or keep asking her stuff like that?
When I told Gidget Nana was waiting in the car at pre-school.  She smiles huge and says "Nana!, I love Nana!"  She simply just loves her Nana, alzheimer's and all. She inspires me.  So now, Peggy knits with Gidget and they make a mess with the yarn.  I keep trying to get them to ravel it back up and organize the colors, and they just roll it back out and  play with it like kittens.
This is a pastel painting I did, called Alzheimer's disease, in 2003 when my mom was first diagnosed.  I used to think it was a portrait of her.....maybe it's me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

See your dentist twice a year, or twice in one week is good too.

This is where Gidget sat with me at the dentist.   This is the place I laid back in the chair, my mouth stuck open, unable to talk where she whispered "I love you."
This is the same place I sat when I took Peggy to the dentist later in the week, she laid back in the chair, her mouth stuck open, unable to talk where I whispered "I love you."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real Birth Day

We went over on the 30th to visit Nana for her real birthday.  She got lipstick, she still puts it on her hand first to see if the color is good on her skin, just like she used to do at the department store make-up counter.