Tuesday, March 31, 2015

David, Paul and Lois

My brothers came in to see us. When all three of us walked in her room, somehow she knew it, or we knew it and that was enough to make us believe that she did.  Her three kids, telling her we loved her and are there for her, just like she was for us put a smile on all our faces.  Our kind and caring Mom that made us the parents we are today.  She'd be darn proud of us and her grandkids, if only Alzheimer's didn't take so much away from her life, and ours.  She was an amazing Mom by example and by believing each of us could be and do anything. She loves us dearly and so there we were, her three children supporting each other and showing her the unconditional love that she showed us.  What goes around comes around, let's just hope and keep working for a cure so that it's the love that is handed down and not Alzheimer's.

Paul, Lois and David today
and in 1970