Saturday, April 9, 2011


Bee hanging with Nana in Chicago.

Unconditional love.
Bee is my dear old Jack Russell Terrier.  She was 14 and died suddenly yesterday.  Allen and I got Bee when we lived together in Chicago.  She was our bond that made us a family.  She's the reason we got married.  No! Not out of wedlock, but because we both loved her the same.  We knew we could have a family together for the rest of our lives by the way we both loved and took care of her.  Then she loved and took care of us.   She was quite the old lady,and rather grouchy towards the end. She'd would sometimes growl or show us her remaining teeth, kinda like another old lady that we know and love.  And we loved her, all the way to the very end, and we miss her very much.  She was a special chapter in my life that I'll keep close at heart forever.