Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I went on vacation Friday to Sunday.  It was really special.  I love spending time just with the girls and Allen and our puppy Ginger.  California is beautiful.  (See picture of rainbow) We went to a place called Rancho Oso.  We rode horses, hiked, hung out, drove around, bought jelly.  The best part was that I didn't think about Peggy the whole time.  I realized it driving home, looking at the Pacific ocean on the 101.  I hadn't thought about Peggy for over 2 days.  It made me smile.  Not because I didn't want to, it just happened.  It was like she didn't have the disease.

Gidget and I went over there yesterday after school.  She's still not on track.  Now she is up at night in a psychotic manner, trying to get out of bed and talking all night.  No wonder she is exhausted and sleeping during the day.  I don't blame her.  It must be so hard for her.  The meds are changing again.  She now will be on Rispedol only at night.  That's it.  The depacote has been gone for a while.  The Paxil is finally getting out of her system.  I just wish for some peace for her.  She was trying to get out of her chair.  She squeezes my hand so hard, with manic intention, that it hurts.  She pinched the dog.  She grabs.  I make sure Gidget doesn't get to close because she will pull her hair.  But Gidgey is not afraid.  I'm still totally amazed by her.  She hangs out with us, she talks to Nana, even when Nana doesn't respond.  She gave her chocolate.  I wish Peggy could see her, and really love her the way I knew she would if this damn Alzheimer's didn't get in the way.  Peggy is still there.  We played the baby animal game. "What's a baby cat?" I ask, "A kitten!" shouts Gidget and Peggy "MEOWS". 
G giving Nana a chocolate egg from the easter basket she made for her.