Monday, April 4, 2011

Sounds of home

There is a piano at Peggy's new home.  The place is good.  It sounds like a home.  People coming and going, dogs barking, my Sunny on the piano,  Gidget running around, TV on, people in the kitchen. Other family members are there, visiting and talking.  I really think she will like it here.  If she wakes up.  Come on Mom, wake up.  Open your eyes.  She's still not totally with us.  She's there, sometimes.  I'm not  sure if she is checking out herself, or if it's the drugs.  The wait and see approach is really really really hard for me.  Saturday she was still out of it.  Sunday, still out of it and even drooling.  But she'll wake up and smile and mumble a little...I don't know.  ugh.  I call, they call, we check, vital signs are good.  We are getting her to eat and drink, but it's a chore.  I don't know.  Change is so much harder than I imagined for her, and me.