Monday, August 9, 2010

The Value of Families

Wow!  It's over, everyone left either on the red-eye last night or early this morning.  Peggy was included in everything.  Lot's of eating and being together and playing and talking and driving. "I'll watch the kids, you guys go get Mom."   Everyone was always doing something, and I noticed that Peggy was more alert, more engaged and very happy.  She was still in her world, but something was different, she was with us a little more in the present.  And that's all we wanted, for all of us to be here in the present together.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My art show's special guest

I had an art show of my most recent work up at M Street Coffee, just down the street from Sunrise.   I knew it would be hard to bring my Mom myself. So I had decided not to, because I knew I would have many other things to worry about or take care of, and I usually do stuff at the last my hair, and label everything.   It is hard to exclude her from important things we do that I want to share with her.  But, sometimes I have to think about myself and the girls first.  So, anyway the reception coincidentally fell on the same week everyone was here, last night... and Peggy Lu brought a special guest.

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party was a big success.  We all hung out at the Sportsmen's Lodge pool, and in a Suite we sung happy birthday ate cake and enjoyed ourselves.  Peggy had all her people around her, and I could tell that she was very happy.  She thinks she's 5 one minute, 23 another, sometimes 12 but never, ever in a million years would she believe that she is 80.


David and Paul!!

Well, here they are, the real thing, in the flesh.... DAVID AND PAUL!  together.  It was really wonderful. She was so happy to see them.  It was fun to reconfirm with the staff that this is the DAVID AND PAUL she always talks about.

Lunch with Peggy

Gidget, Beverly, Peggy, Joan, Lisa, Sunny

Everyone is starting to arrive for Peggy's 80th birthday party and it's wonderful.  I am so happy everyone is coming.  I also feel sad, for everyone to see her, how she is now.  It took me a while but I'm used to and comfortable with how she is now, but then I see her through their eyes, and I feel emotional.

What's Your Name Again?

This is the book I've been working on for a long long time, my family and my friends and especially my writing group can attest for that.  The less words, the more each one counts.  
For 4 days I went to the Annual Summer SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators).  This was the 3rd summer, I sent "What's Your Name Again?" in for a manuscript review, and....... I got a great review from April Wayland!  She thinks it's ready and to quote her thought "we need this book."  And my teacher from art center the talented, inspiring and award winning Marla Frazee, left me note..."I love the new dummy"  (dummy means mock-up book):)

This book is totally inspired by my girls, their unconditional love for Nana, their silly happy smiles, and enthusiasm for all things.  Even old folks homes....

So, you can read the whole thing here on my website.  

Art Imitates Life, or is it the other way around?

Busy Days

one day at a time
Where to start when so many things I want to "blog" about happen at once?  Could this be how Peggy feels??  Trying to process something in the past when the future keeps zooming along.