Thursday, October 15, 2009

SIr Henry and Gidget

"Where's My Leg?"

Peggy got really goofy at the dentist.  Whoah.  We were both crying with laughter about the mountain that was outside the window and what the heck it was doing there. When I introduced her to Dr. Angulo she giggled like a 3rd grader, wondering what kind of name was that, sounds more like a food than a dentist.  You have to laugh because otherwise the tears would be the other kind.

No cavities!  Probably need to bring her quarterly because she doesn't really brush her teeth anymore, she's like a child in that way.  Hates to put on her pajamas, hates to go to bed, and hates to get up in the morning.  Poor Miguel, he was trying to get her ready for me and she decked him.  I'm not kidding, she really hit him right in the face.  Luckily Miguel is an understanding guy and won't hold it against her, but she can get a little nasty if your not careful.

So... I had to go early and get her going myself.  I did it.  I'm pretty calm with her, it's a little scary, but I'm understanding her more and more, and well, I guess she trusts me.  But, I've been yelled at too.   Once we're out, all systems go and she says things like.  "I like it here" and "This is nice" and "Where's my leg? Oh, here it is."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet Dr. Stern

Meet Dr. David Stern.  She had a 3 hour evaluation with him Wednesday.  They are really great, I know I felt very happy to be there and to get her some special care specific for her.  They tested her blood pressure standing and sitting and lying down.  No wonder she gets dizzy! It was all over the place.   We are going over all her meds to make sure the side effects do not  cause her more problems than the "cure". SHe's very sleepy and dizzy all the time.  I've got homework to do.... a list of meds, I need to know what they are supposed to do, her symptoms, and all that.  Because of her memory loss she relys more on her senses.  That reminds me, I need to schedule her eye exam for new glasses.  Her memory test score was 10.  Single digits are bad.  She actually did better than I thought, although she didn't think she had children, grandchildren, or a brother or sister....

Learn more about them, their philosophy and what they do.

Stopping by

It really is easy to stop by Sunrise.  She seemed happy to see us.  She was sleeping on the couch in her room, and she lit up as soon as she saw us.  Giget read her a book.  One of our favorites. Red Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton .........Oooops!  It's really funny.
They both think it's hilarious.

She intoduced me to the ladies at dinner tonight as her daughter Lois!

Still wonders why Paul has left his stuff here, and when is he coming to get it?  She likes Paul, thinks he's handsome and has a nice family.  She said the metal cat and the wooden dog by her door were Paul and David?  What is it like to have Alzheimer's?? Can you imagine???  We try to make her happy and live in the moment.  She helps me appreciate the simple things, like sitting down together and just watching children play.

It's still hard though, she doesn't remember anything!  I mean really.... she doesn't know if she has gone to the bathroom.  Sometimes she doesn't even know what to do in there, or what the toilet paper is for.  But she's good at going in a public bathroom.  I guess "going to the ladies room" is burnished in our brains pretty deep.  I love her, don't really want to write about her private matters, but it just is so weird that you wouldn't even know how to go to the bathroom....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

watch a video about what it might be like to have alzheimer's

pizza party bingo


Everyone loves Sir Henry, and he loves all of us back!

Nice to be together

This week we have been really busy.  The girls really like to go over there.  They are like celebrities and the ladies are amazed by them every day.  (as am I)  Every day they ask what their names are and how old they are and every day they answer politely and twirl around.  I'm very proud of them.

Peggy sleeps alot, but I think that's okay... tomorrow we are going to SAGE, a specialty doctor group that deals with elderly patients.  I'm looking forward to some answers, even though I know that there really aren't any.

The dermatoligist visit was good, no sign of the skin cancer returning.  She seemed up and alert.  Actually a little too much.  I dropped her at the bench outside and went to go park the car and when I came back, she was gone... inside the building waiting for me.  PHEW!!  Sometimes I'm glad she moves pretty slow.  Does anyone think I can get a handicap parking pass?

 I took her shopping and she picked out things in black and pink.  We had a lovely lunch outside and she asked me if I had a boyfriend.  I said "Yes, but don't tell my husband."  Which reminds me... the ladies like to tell their long past secrets to the lady at the hair salon....