Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember What's Your Name Again?

The Children's Book I am still trying to get published, that has had beautiful rejection letters, reave reviews and is still sitting in my drawer?  Well, I applied for a grant from the SCBWI and got a "certificate of merit" Which is better than not getting one I suppose. 

In honor of Peggy's Birthday

In honor of my Mom's birthday, I am starting the fundraising for the annual  WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S.  Please, if you've read this blog, you know how this disease effects families.  We are doing our part, by participating in events, fundraising, and raising awareness.  Now it's time to do yours.  Visit my donation page and give whatever you can.  The Alzheimer's Association does wonderful work for patients right now also and also supports research and raises awareness in hopes to eradicate Alzheimer's disease in the future.  Click here to donate.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Peggy's birthday.  We went over and celebrated yesterday with fruit, balloons, music and time.  It's hard to understand where or why she is the way she is now, but we try and put that all aside and celebrate. Because if there is one thing little girls know, it's that birthday's are important!
Fruit Bouquet!
Happy Birthday!!!

We named the bears Sunny and Gidget

A fun present of CD's from Betty

spending time...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Drugs.

Family is the best medicine.  David and his family came to visit and we had a great time!  We took Peggy out on a four hour mountain drive, visited with her everyday, hung around and she was so relaxed and on board with us it was really wonderful.

But back on the subject of drugs....her psychiatrist, has been trying to find the right cocktail for Peggy.  Something that eases her agitation and aggression that also keeps her a "functioning" person emotionally and physically.  If you've read this blog you've seen the ups and downs and sometimes even sideways state of Peggy.  After a few months of continuing on this anti-psychotic track, which all of her doctors thus far have recommended he has decided to try a different path.  Keeping her seroquil low and adding anti-anxiety and anti-depressants.  This change happened a week ago Thursday.  Today is Sunday, and she really seems to be responding well.  The furrow on her brow is gone, and she seems more awake and relaxed.  I'm not expecting her to go back to where she was a year ago, I am just happy to see her paranoia and irritation smolder a little.
Peggy at the Mt. Wilson Observatory
After David's visit, and our super outing Linda called me to say how encouraged she was about how Peggy was doing.  Thanks David and Sharyl, we loved having you here!  Ashley's cheer leading had Nana clapping, and Christopher's kindness to her was unforgettable. 

National Alzheimer's Project Act

This is a pretty cool project.  Last week I took part in a national live phone conversation.  It was like a townhall meeting asking opinions and giving people a chance to say what they would like to see in terms of Alzheimer's care and research in the future.  I encourage you to take part, or listen, and voice your opinion.  The Alzheimer's Association is asking for input from us, who deal with the disease for our input.  CLick here to find out more, and to share your story and ideas.