Monday, April 4, 2011

See you later alligator...

Peggy's talking.  She talked to me on the phone.  She said Hi Lois and that she was at David's house, everything was fine,  I love you too,  and see you later, alligator.

I had called Linda earlier today...worried.  I feel the need to wake her up! It's the hunched over, kinda drooling thing that's the weirdest and most unlike Peggy that I am most worried about.  She called me back, and we talked and discussed and analyzed and decided to wait until Thursday to have the Dr. look at her again and just keep working with her.  Okay.  She also told me I was being very brave and was bragging that we were one of the best families she has worked with, and empathized with me.  Okay.  I'll wait.

Well... I didn't have to wait long.  When she went over to the house, Peggy had finished her whole meal and drink and was chatting.  So...she put her on the phone, and that's when I talked to her.  She's coming back, and settling in, and I can't wait to go see her tomorrow.