Friday, December 4, 2009

We ALL had fun!

It was a great Thanksging week.  PJ came out straight from Ithaca, and then Peggy Lu and Eli came in the next night.  We had ages from 2- 79!  All with different needs and attitudes.  Ha, ha, everyone worked together and we had a lot of fun and did a lot.  My friend and her family had us ALL over to her house for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, THANKS SARAH!!!

Here's a little sample of our week.

Went to two school Thanksgiving celebrations!Went to the beach and explored tide pools.ate sushi!

Shopped re-sale on Melrose.

Drove through In and Out Burger with Bee!
               Gidgey cooked for Nana. Went to the Podiatrist.


PJ painted nails.

and we just hung out.

Allen took the kids bowling while Peggy Lu and I stayed at Nana's and looked at old pictures and I can't remember what else.....but that it was so nice to have everyone around and including my Mom in on everything.