Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We camped out at Nana's afters chool yesterday.  Gidget and I go over there a lot, we just went to Target and got her some warmer clothes and pajamas and re-organized her closets the other day.  Gidgey is easy.  Today we all went for some holiday cheer. Paul's family sent a little tree and we were bringing cookies and a big poinsietta.   I had told Sunny about a surprise there.  A special music snowglobe to decorate her room of Nutcracker (Sunny's favorite) and she was excited to see it.  So excited, she wanted to take it home with her.... this lead to a fight and crying and frustration.  And a trial lesson in giving and... finally she put it back after me telling her that I actually got it special for her.....  Right lesson?  I don't know.. In the car on the way home she said "Mom, sometimes I feel like you love Nana more than me because you get her more stuff."  I felt so defeated.  This is not the lesson, (not that I'm even trying to teach a lesson) just instill values about family to my girls, and make my Mom not such a vegetable.  It's not about STUFF.  It was late... Gidgey was blabbing, I couldn't concentrate.  Sunny and I just got scolded in the lobby for her knocking down a big giant nutcracker.... (it was an accident, and she cried and I consoled her and we felt bad and all wanted to leave.)  She's only 6!  Anyway, that's right, she is only 6.  She doesn't know what "stuff" actually means.  Does she?

So, this morning, when we had breakfast and I had thought about it, and picked my bruised feelings up off the floor, we talked.  I told her it's about family, it's about love and love is not about stuff.  And that actually Nana doesn't care about any of the stuff.  And I told her the very best thing I bring," is you and Gidget".  It really is true.  We sit on the couch and watch them play and draw and interact with each other.  She tells me I have a nice family and how cute the girls are, and we smile.  We put on music, we dance, laugh, we wear lipstick, we hold hands and hug each other.

  And Gidget shows her boo boo and tells her all about her shot, and Nana kisses it.  That's the good stuff.