Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peggy and Peggy

Peggy Lu came for Thanksgiving!  She got in late on Monday night and so she called me early Tuesday morning and said she was going to walk up to Nana's.  (They stayed at Sportsmen's Lodge)
It was early.... I knew she would be sad if she saw Nana still in bed, or in a wet bed, or on the couch, or maybe even pleasantly asleep in her pajamas.... because it's really hard to wake her up and get her going.  So, she came to my house first and we drank coffee and ate delicous zucchini or pumpkin bread that Allen is always up late baking.  It was so nice to see her... Peggy Lu came to Chicago to help with the big move to California, and this was the first time seeing her in 3 months and in her new environment.  Then we went over there, together, and she met Sir Henry and some of the staff, and they all could tell who she was because of her resemblance to my Mom.  We got to her room.... and there was Peggy, taking a nice shower, being helped by Lisa.  I showed her around a little, and she really liked the room and we were standing there and my Mom came out all dressed and fresh and said "Hi Peggy Lu."  We cried and were so happy and my Mom acted as if nothing was unusual or different and that Peggy Lu is always there in her life.... which she always has been and which she still is.