Saturday, December 26, 2009

Candy Canes

The girls and I went to Nana's on Christmas day.  .

 I brought the girls, their pajamas, the dog and candy canes.

It was very sweet.  The girls would go up to someone and say "merry christmas, would you like a candy cane" and it was like disney animatroinics, or that they had just put a coin in an old time carnival machine.  They would suddenly smile and say thank you and put out their hands and even hug them.  Gidget who normally will not go to anyone but me or her Dad reaches out to them, and let's them hug her, and she hugs back....I love candy canes.

We hung out in Nana's room and they played with a play dough ice cream shoppe that "Nana" got them, watched a video, ate egg salad sandwiches and listened to the Nutcracker.  It was lovely, and slow and we didn't have anywhere to go, except there.  Nana seemed to be getting further and further away as the sun went down and began mumbling to herself, and we were tired so it was time to go home.

Gidgey hitched a ride on her walker and she sat by the christmas tree and I gave her a few cookies and we kissed her goodnight.