Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flowers Arranging

We went to the Library sale on Saturday morning...then maybe the park... but we decided to just hang out at Nana's.  The girls were up for it.  I have to "bribe" Sunny a little more these days, but Gidgey always wants to go.  So, we stopped at Whole Foods, let the girls pick out flowers and snacks and juice and just went.  We get out the special, fragile vase.  Her mother's (another Margaret), she responded so well to the flowers and colors.  She even said "this is fun" when we lured her off the chair into her room to arrange them.  Here are some really wonderful pictures and a video of her arranging them and responding to the girls.  I'm a little more nervous now that she is off of the Depakote because she is more likely to shout out, or act more "mean".  By that, I mean not sharing her muffin with Gidget, and getting irritated if the girls holler or fuss.  She is much more lucid, talking and laughing to herself and to people that aren't there.   But it's better...she's not as out of it.  Not that she's with it, she's just, more alive.
Watch Peggy arranging the flowers