Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Depakote and walking

So, Peggy has had really a hard time walking.  I mean, like not even to the dining area.  It's very difficult for her to get up, when she see's a chair, she starts to sit down 6 feet away from it. I thought it was her brain not communicating with her legs.  That does start to happen, from what I can figure out.   I phoned this into Dr. Stern.  He thinks it might be the Depicote.  We put her on this, when she was having behavioral issues at Sunrise....God, I hope she wasn't doped up to much, to make her "complacent".  That is so awful and I feel very bad about it.  That's not what I want for her.  That's not what she would want for herself.

Last night was the first night without it.  So, now it's wait and see.... The Dr.'s at USC, also thought this was not right for her.  They told me about a trial she might be eligible for.  

I'm hoping to reduce the amount of drugs she takes anyway.  Here is her list!!
reminyl-this is more for early stages...
namenda-this is still recommended for later stages
lisinopril-blood pressure