Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dog Therapy

 Dogs are great therapy. They both were so calm just hanging out on the couch, my mom was petting her the whole time.  I brought treats to keep there so my Mom could give her some.   One of the ladies was so excited to see a dog, she motioned me to come over as she pulled something out of her purse, wrapped in a napkin, lots of napkins.....unwrapping it slowly while we were standing there just waiting to see what it was?.... OH!  A piece of meat!  Thank you. I think, yuk!  Bee ate it up and that was that.  Except for the look on my face, which I'm afraid I couldn't hide.  How long was that in her purse?  Does she save some every time she eats, an old habit of saving some for the dog?  ....we had dinner in Peggy's room that night.