Monday, January 4, 2010

Drive-all the way through....

We spent the day with Nana Saturday.  That was it.  It's best not to have an agenda, just be with Nana, whatever that entails.  We go to Sunrise.  Gidget understands her so well, she goes up to her and gets right in her arm and says "Hi, Nana my name is Gidget"  I'm not kidding.  Kids are so aware of what's going on, and us grown ups just THINK we do.  They are about to eat lunch but we decide since it's such a nice day and she is already dressed, to go for a drive...thru.  On the way to Carl's Jr. (which we have never tried before) something smells stinky... is it Gidget?  I think it's Nana.  So we stop at my house and we get everyone out of the car and up the hill and into the house and onto the potty....yep, it was Nana, but not yet, thank goodness.  So we hang around while she wonders what she is doing in the bathroom, while all of us know exactly what she is doing.  (God I hate revealing this private stuff about her, but it's honestly just stuff and it's not about's about the disease)
Okay, let's try this again.  Down the hill everyone in the car and strapped in, including Bee the world's famous dog.  That's what Peggy calls her anyway.  We get some hamburgers and fries and eat it by a park.  Bee likes it too.

 Nana watches me and the kids and the dog and it's actually quite lovely, everyone is having a good time.  To get the kids to leave I bribe them with frozen yogurt....
We get a parking spot close to a new place, in a mini-mall.  Everything is in a mini mall in LA. I get everyone out, including Nana with a walker across the crowded parking lot and the darn place is not open yet!!! UGH!  Do you know how hard it is to get a 6 year old a 2 year old and and my mother safely across the parking lot?  Okay, here is a bench, sit down everybody and don't move!  I go get apple juice and ice tea next door.  ANother car leaves and I pull up right next to them and everybody back in.  "Hey, what about the ice cream?"  Darn, they are on to me...the apple juice didn't quite cut it, "Well, maybe next time..."

We drive towards Sunrise, Allen is at Peet's coffee which is on the way, we stop by to say hi, and he brings us yogurt!!!! Yeah Daddy! THank you! Everyone is happy, including the dog and we are energized and ready to take Nana back up to her room.

We sit down on the couch and the girls play...just about ready to go home, and Bee pooops on the carpet, and goes and poops on the carpet  in the hall and .....oh, I'm so sorry, so Mandy helps me clean it up and we all go home.