Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is how my day started out

Although Gidgey had a sudden cough come on in the night, she seemed alright in the morning... Allen took Sunny to school, and me and Gidge stayed home from school.  We played on the computer, painted and then I thought, I'll return a library book and pick up Nana's glasses in Encino. Then she'll fall asleep on the way home.....
Well, she coughed so hard on the way home she threw up all over the car.  Gidgey doesn't like to throw up, so she puts her hands up to her face and waves it all around in hysteric's so that it gets EVERYWHERE!

Okay, poor baby...take off her clothes outside, give her a bath, wash the clothes, Allen came home for lunch, so I was able to go outside and hose out the carseat before it caked on.  The day just went on and on  like that and into the night and this morning... I feel crabby... it's not easy being a "caregiver".
But, I can cross one thing off my list.  I picked up the glasses.