Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is a good day.

  Today Gidgey and I went over there and she was still asleep, it was noon.  Sandy had been trying to get her up all day and Peggy kept putting her off.  Gidgey's little smile, some coaxing, show tunes and juice finally got her to the edge of the bed.  We just slowly entered her world.  Sandy is so good and calm with her and never in a hurry so she was able to clean her up and dress her while I talked. She brushed her own teeth, and of course red lipstick.  So... she was up.  What now?  Should I take her out?  For a drive?  Sometimes it feels like so much to do all that, especially with Gidget too.  So, we just sat in the dining room, we had missed lunch but the staff fed us anyway, chicken soup and tuna sandwiches, just like home.  Gidgey had ice cream and watching a little girl eat ice cream, is delicious on it's own, and much less fattening.  Then I asked her if she wanted to sit on the porch.  She said "not right now."  She ALWAYS says that.  So, I rephrased it.  "Let's go sit on the porch"  and she said.... "okay"

So, we sat on the porch, drank tea and I finally got a chance to write to some of her friends back in Wheaton to tell them how she is doing.  (I haven't since she moved in August)  She had many nice friends back there, old one's and new ones and they were all very kind and sad to see her leave.  Mary Garvin, a life long friend made time out of her gazillions of kids and grandkids to see her off and gave her some beautiful stationary from the Morton Arboretum.  (see picture of us) So I got those out, asked her to write something and I said here Mom, write something to your friend.  "Well what do you want me to write?" I said "whatever you want".  And then she handed the card back to me.  This is what she wrote.

It is a good day.  Yep, that's right Mom, today is a good day.  I love you.