Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Optometrist

Sunny helped me take Peggy to the optometrist today after school.  It only took 4hours.... just getting in and out of the car and up and down elevators and pushing and pulling doors is a small trial in patience.  But we did it, and we did great.  Sunny was a superstar, she did her homework in the waiting room, and was very fun to be with.   And, oh don't you think we look good in PRADA??!!

All silliness aside, Sunny was very helpful today.  We were going to stop by Nana's yesterday, but she didn't want to go... she wouldn't tell me why, so we didn't go.  Today she told me that Nana was really slow and it kinda drove her crazy.  I told her the truth... it kinda drives me crazy too.  AND, it's okay to not want to do something sometimes, but we still do it.  I told her, I don't always feel like doing things for Nana.  But, we do it anyway, because we know it's the right thing to do, and we love our family.  Honestly though, it can be a chore.  It's so hard to get her going, or even walking, but once we get going we are good, and she starts to brighten up and she says things like "I like it here".  Up on the 3rd floor trying to rally the troops...
 it's like pre-school in SLOW motion.  Can you imagine? So anyway, our lesson today, patience.

And then later tonight, when I get home from being exhausted from a long day, (thankfully, Allen made dinner like he always does) I sit on the floor with Gidgey and I'm putting on her pajamas and she has the sweetest little body and soft hair and she says to me "I need you."  And I think about my Mom and how I was once only 2 sitting on her lap and "I needed her".... and I, I don't know, it seems natural, it's okay, it's life, more clearly with new glasses.