Saturday, May 28, 2011

A wonderful visit

Peggy Lu, my dear cousin and Peggy's niece is here from New Hampshire.  I have been preparing her for the visit on the phone and through this blog.   She was nervous.  I was nervous.  My family has trusted me to the care of Peggy.  Ultimately I am making all decisions for her right now and that has been stressful for me because it has been a very difficult move, which was expected...but if you've read the posts before, I wasn't prepared for HOW difficult.  I guess the lesson here is, you can't really be prepared for any of this, you just deal with the hand you get, every day.  
So, what I'm trying to say is this.  We had a wonderful visit yesterday!!!!!  Peggy Lu loved Peggy's new home and her room, and the people there.  This made me feel good. To have someone else say, "yes you have made the right decision" that cares as much about Peggy as I do, gave me such a sense of relief.  But, this post is not just about me...
Peggy Lu walked in and there was Peggy in her chair, and she looked and looked and smiled and got excited and reached out and she didn't know Peggy Lu's name, but she KNEW that it was someone she loved, one of her people, her family.  She held her hand and said "it makes me want to cry".   OH!  We were so happy.  Honestly this is the best Peggy has been since she moved in.  It was unbelievable.  Peggy Lu came at just the right time, and hopefully Peggy will continue to adjust to her meds and environment.  Or maybe, today we just had all the right combination of care, love, medication and family to make a really great day.  I'll take it!