Friday, May 20, 2011

Larry King, The Alzheimer's Report

So, this is not easy to watch.  I want to show it, so you can see what Peggy is dealing with.  Why we need more research and funding and attention to this disease.  Because as you can see...Peggy loves us, but can't show it, other than through aggression.

Did anyone see the Alzheimer's report on Larry King?  Here's what I took away from it.
THANK YOU to all the celebrities and families that spoke up.   Larry King seemed to think that the worst  thing about this disease, was the forgetting.  Yes, it's true there are different stages, and forgetting is part of all of it.  But remember this a progressive disease, you go from forgetting a name, to forgetting how to swallow. And now that my family is in the end stages, I see why at the beginning, no one was totally honest, or maybe I couldn't grasp how long and difficult this road is.   Angie Dickinson was awesome, her advice was to visit, hold, touch and love the Alzheimer's patient.  Her sister had an early diagnosis.  And when Larry King asked her what she would say to someone who was just diagnosed, she looked honestly at him, paused and said "Oh, shit."  Brutally honest.

Maria Shriver loved her Dad, and it is unfathomable that a man like that could take such a mental fall.
Judd Apatow and his wife are younger than me, and are reaching out to let everyone know that it is not just an old persons disease.  Because the caregivers, whom are just as effected are the generation before them.  Leeza Gibbons, having been there herself knows this, and her objective is to take care of the caregiver.  As Ron Reagan stated, there's a flip of the coin in this epidemic, either you are going to get it, or take care of someone who does.