Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Where's My Leg?"

Peggy got really goofy at the dentist.  Whoah.  We were both crying with laughter about the mountain that was outside the window and what the heck it was doing there. When I introduced her to Dr. Angulo she giggled like a 3rd grader, wondering what kind of name was that, sounds more like a food than a dentist.  You have to laugh because otherwise the tears would be the other kind.

No cavities!  Probably need to bring her quarterly because she doesn't really brush her teeth anymore, she's like a child in that way.  Hates to put on her pajamas, hates to go to bed, and hates to get up in the morning.  Poor Miguel, he was trying to get her ready for me and she decked him.  I'm not kidding, she really hit him right in the face.  Luckily Miguel is an understanding guy and won't hold it against her, but she can get a little nasty if your not careful.

So... I had to go early and get her going myself.  I did it.  I'm pretty calm with her, it's a little scary, but I'm understanding her more and more, and well, I guess she trusts me.  But, I've been yelled at too.   Once we're out, all systems go and she says things like.  "I like it here" and "This is nice" and "Where's my leg? Oh, here it is."