Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stopping by

It really is easy to stop by Sunrise.  She seemed happy to see us.  She was sleeping on the couch in her room, and she lit up as soon as she saw us.  Giget read her a book.  One of our favorites. Red Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton .........Oooops!  It's really funny.
They both think it's hilarious.

She intoduced me to the ladies at dinner tonight as her daughter Lois!

Still wonders why Paul has left his stuff here, and when is he coming to get it?  She likes Paul, thinks he's handsome and has a nice family.  She said the metal cat and the wooden dog by her door were Paul and David?  What is it like to have Alzheimer's?? Can you imagine???  We try to make her happy and live in the moment.  She helps me appreciate the simple things, like sitting down together and just watching children play.

It's still hard though, she doesn't remember anything!  I mean really.... she doesn't know if she has gone to the bathroom.  Sometimes she doesn't even know what to do in there, or what the toilet paper is for.  But she's good at going in a public bathroom.  I guess "going to the ladies room" is burnished in our brains pretty deep.  I love her, don't really want to write about her private matters, but it just is so weird that you wouldn't even know how to go to the bathroom....