Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet Dr. Stern

Meet Dr. David Stern.  She had a 3 hour evaluation with him Wednesday.  They are really great, I know I felt very happy to be there and to get her some special care specific for her.  They tested her blood pressure standing and sitting and lying down.  No wonder she gets dizzy! It was all over the place.   We are going over all her meds to make sure the side effects do not  cause her more problems than the "cure". SHe's very sleepy and dizzy all the time.  I've got homework to do.... a list of meds, I need to know what they are supposed to do, her symptoms, and all that.  Because of her memory loss she relys more on her senses.  That reminds me, I need to schedule her eye exam for new glasses.  Her memory test score was 10.  Single digits are bad.  She actually did better than I thought, although she didn't think she had children, grandchildren, or a brother or sister....

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