Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nice to be together

This week we have been really busy.  The girls really like to go over there.  They are like celebrities and the ladies are amazed by them every day.  (as am I)  Every day they ask what their names are and how old they are and every day they answer politely and twirl around.  I'm very proud of them.

Peggy sleeps alot, but I think that's okay... tomorrow we are going to SAGE, a specialty doctor group that deals with elderly patients.  I'm looking forward to some answers, even though I know that there really aren't any.

The dermatoligist visit was good, no sign of the skin cancer returning.  She seemed up and alert.  Actually a little too much.  I dropped her at the bench outside and went to go park the car and when I came back, she was gone... inside the building waiting for me.  PHEW!!  Sometimes I'm glad she moves pretty slow.  Does anyone think I can get a handicap parking pass?

 I took her shopping and she picked out things in black and pink.  We had a lovely lunch outside and she asked me if I had a boyfriend.  I said "Yes, but don't tell my husband."  Which reminds me... the ladies like to tell their long past secrets to the lady at the hair salon....