Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old VCR tapes?

I picked up some videos at the Studio City Library Sale.  It's the last Saturday of the month and helps support the library, better yet...great finds for 50 cents!  I don't really want to share the link, but I will because I love whoever is reading this.

Anyway, they love old musicals and old tv shows up at Sunrise.  All in the Family makes them laugh.  So, if anyone is finally ditching all their VCR's stuff, they still have a video machine up there.  Here is a link to recycling those old ones.

I stopped there by myself really quickly on my way to Sunnyside where I am painting another mural.  I had on my overalls, and my mom kept saying how pretty I was.  She was sitting at her table where she always sits by herself...well not really.  She is always talking to someone that is not there.  I kissed her and left, and she went back to talking to whoever, and was looking at the movies.