Monday, June 14, 2010

"Mom, watch me!"

I know I keep saying that I must enter her world to have true understanding and compassion. Well, I threw that theory out the window and today I took her into mine.  When I went to Sunrise today she was still asleep.  She didn't want to get up.  I hung around the room, put things away...kept talking to her and she started to smile.  I had brought fresh orange juice and slowly she started to get up, then sit up, and then we drank it.  I remembered how when she lived in Florida we used to go to the best Orange juice stand in the world, you could drink cold free orange juice out of these paper cone cups. mmmmm.....I told her about that.  Then everyone helped get her ready....

And there she was all ready to go, somewhere?  Okay!  I had to go get Gidgey from school, so I took her with me, I had enough time and a wheelchair.  It's no easy feat getting her in and out of that thing, or the car for that matter, but I was up for the challenge.  It was a beautiful day here, the Jacaranda trees are incredible.  So...I took her into my world.  I wheeled her to Sunnyside!  Where I have painted murals, and have made a place for myself in "California".  She's always, always asking me where I live.
So today I showed her.

I showed her what I've done, who I am, my girls, my friends, my world, what I've grown up to be, and where I live.