Monday, August 27, 2012

Being Together- David's visit

David, Lois, Sharyl, Ashley, Peggy and Christopher
Here we are, this is us.  David came out to visit with his family.  They visited Peggy everyday, and played with us too.  We went to dinner, we talked about things, we laughed with the kids and we wondered when it would be over.  Will this be his last time visiting her?  How long has she been out here?  4 years?  It doesn't really matter, because here we are and because of her, we are together.  The cousins get to play together, and instead of taking her out with us like we used to, we go out together.  Thankful for her and her life and that she brought us together and because of her we make an effort to stay close and bring our kids up, they way she brought us up.  So we tell her what grade the kids are in, tell her jokes and Ashley shows off her cartwheels.  We want to believe that she knows that,  even though we want it to end, we don't want her to.

After Studio LOL
Before Studio LOL
Ashley doing Kartwheels for Nana