Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wise beyond your years

  Peggy seems to be doing okay....She is getting used to the place, and they are getting used to her.  I didn't see her for a whole week....and that was okay.  I know my Mom wouldn't want me to worry so much.  I wouldn't want my girls to have to worry about me in that way.  She would want me to be at their recital, and school play and be with Allen and read, and paint and work.  All the things she taught me and encouraged me to do as my Mother.  She always said to me "You are wise beyond your years."  Sometimes she meant that in a good way, and sometimes not.  I'm afraid the years have now surpassed the wise part of that statement.  She also used to tell me "My eyes were bigger than my stomach"  Unfortunately that is no longer true either.
That's Sunny on the far left.
G at Ballet class
Anyway, I do think that it was wise having Peggy Lu visit.  She relieved a lot of pressure on me, and I can go back to including Peggy into my routine, instead of making my routine specifically around her.