Saturday, June 25, 2011

Having fun at Nana's, sort of.

We bring Ginger over and they all go crazy and run around.
I'm not sure FUN is the right word, but the dogs and Gidget seems to think so.  I don't expect as much from Peggy.  She used to paint with us, now she watches, she used to pet the dogs, now she pinches, but Gidget still makes her smile.  Although, I have to be careful with them now.  Peggy pinched her pretty good the other day, and the look on G's face was kind of heart breaking.  It took her quite a while to recover.  She thinks Nana is funny.  She knows Nana has a disease, but when it's someone you love you don't think they are going to pinch you too.  
We bring her into her room, to hang with us...
On the way home we were listening to the Beatles song Hey the end when John Lennon sings that crazy nananannanannanna part, we all laughed because it sounded like Nana. 
Not just the word, Nana, but actually sounded the way Nana tries to talk to us with her stuttering.  The kids, they want to understand her, and love her even when she can't really love back.  :(

We paint her pictures