Monday, March 14, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Changes

My favorite David Bowie song.  I think I will hum it all this week.  Peggy is moving.  We've decided a smaller "board and care" place would be better for her.  It's a home, with 6 residents and 2 caregivers and still close by us.  I've been contemplating this since January when USC suggested this type of place for her.  After researching, and looking at many places (Thanks Barb!) I've decided on one I think will best suit my MOM.  Most of the places were very nice and affordable, yet when it came down to my final decision...I let Gidget choose.  I'm not kidding.  The last place, she just settled in, took off her socks and shoes and wanted to hang out.  I felt this way too.  Because that's what Peggy responds to as well, feelings, emotions, smiles, comfort and beauty.  I also really like the 5 ladies that were living there.  They seemed similar to my Mom, like hoping your college student gets a "decent" roommate.  I've been up since 3 worrying about it.  But I've got my team.  Jacki, Allen, the girls at Sunrise, Dr. Stern.  I'll leave it at that for now....til Tuesday, when the movers come.  10:30 am.
I really haven't posted this process, because I feel kinda bad about leaving Sunrise, and also not going with some of the nice places and people I talked to.  I'm so sensitive to the whole thing.  The care, the care, having someone else care for her and me being the manager.   The girls at Sunrise want to know why we are leaving, but understand what is best for my family.  They say they'll miss us.  I'll miss it too.  Honestly.  Alla said "why are you leaving, she is like family to us, we love her."  AND she is used to them, sort of...well she did call us all bitches when we tried to move her from the couch back to her wheelchair.  BUT look at her!  She can't sit up on a couch anymore. Why???  Ugh, all these random thoughts all night.  Should I even bring the couch?

Here is a video of us....wish me luck.