Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry Pie with Carey Grant

There have been a lot of changes with Peggy lately.... she is really can't walk at all anymore, and is in the wheelchair all the time.  She also has developed a weird kind of stuttering, a hyper high pitched nanananannananananannnanNANANANANAN! kind of sound, ususally goes with a finger point and then laughter.  There have also been some major changes at Sunrise.  Changes in staff and fees. I got a letter saying that she was going to be moved to a plus plus care level....(more money).  I have to admit I was really taken a back by this, I was very frustrated and quite offended that we didn't have a conversation about Peggy. Instead, I got a form letter.  I am a present person there, and not being involved in any conversation regarding Peggy,  I felt very very....sad,angry and deceived.  I have to be my mother's advocate on all levels.  So I took her to the Doctor and we talked about what's happening, what it means.  It means it's a degenerative disease.  It's going to get worse.  I know that.  But how?   Time.  How much?  Years?  Geez....I cried at the Doctor....ugh.  More drugs?  Back on drugs?  That's my decision.  I don't think so...I know where this is going, I just want it to get there....and that makes me cry.  

So I took her out for cherry pie.  This diner had these old Hollywood Pictures, she loved Carey Grant and kept asking who that was. She liked looking at all the pictures.  I started to relax with her, it took a while to just let it all go, let her be who she is now, and for me to just get a piece of pie too.  

When I brought her back to Sunrise, I was able to handle this stupid disease again.  I talked to the nurse there, made an appointment to talk to the management.  Went and bought her some new summer clothes at Drapper and Damon's and went home.  Hugged the girls, wrote down all the  follow-up appointments on the calendar and thanked my husband for watching the girls while I spent the afternoon helping my mom.