Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Lois Loves Allen and Allen Loves Lois and I Love Allen"

We rolled Peggy to dinner tonight.  We like to go to Hugo's restaurant which is right by Sunrise, so Allen met us there and I thought it might be easier to walk with Nana in her chair.  I was pretty stressed, because the street is SO busy and we have to cross quite a few and go under a highway, the girls held hands as I held on to the wheelchair, Sunny bent down to pick up a dime crossing and I really yelled at her like a fearful mother lion protecting her cub.  I hate the cars in LA!  
 Peggy and I sat across the table from Allen, who sat between the girls.  All she could talk about was how much the girls loved him as they squirmed around in their chairs and acted like robots and dropped  things, and poked Daddy.  And I kept scolding them to sit down, and be polite and all that mother lion stuff.  Peggy doesn't always remember the details, but she does know emotions (and to take the butter knife away from the two year old) and she knew that we are a happy family, and instead of being stressed about the restaurant,  I saw my world through her eyes, and smiled when she said
 "Lois loves Allen and Allen loves Lois, and that's all there is to it."