Thursday, October 24, 2013

Virtual Sundae

She's not eating, so I talk about food.  Is that cruel?  I think she likes it.  Last night I took her to The Crystal Palace in the Marshall Field's Department Store on Michigan Avenue and we had hot fudge sundae's.  I was little, and so my memory is foggy, but I remember it being special times between us.  Maybe that's how her mind is, a few colors, or feelings, tastes or smells.  I tried to remember too, and how we would spoon out the hot fudge from little silver cups with a long spoon in pink wire chairs. As I talked and tried to remember, she began to move her mouth and chew, she really enjoyed hers, and I mine was good too.

Does anyone else remember that place?  I found this fun blog that did.
That could be me and Peggy in 1974