Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Relief

Our whole family was together.  My brothers flew in, as well as my Dad.  It was a big relief for me.  It's heavy on my shoulders being the only person Peggy recognizes (in her own way.)  When they tell me at her home that she responds best to me, that doesn't make me feel better, or special.  It makes me feel guilty for not being with her all the time.  So the boys went to visit and be with her, while me and my kids got some great and special Grandpa time.  Even though my brothers support us as best they can from a distance, physically being here made me feel not so alone when I am with her now, because they too experienced the depth of her stare. The same one that I am with week after week and that keeps getting further away.  Peggy might not remember that they were here, but I sure do.  Thanks guys, I needed that and I love you.
A classic backyard family portrait.