Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quality not Quantity

Paul and Wendy were able to make it out to see Peggy.  They were here for a conference in Newport Beach.  Great, they can drive over and see Mom for the afternoon and have lunch with me and the girls.  Great idea!  No problem, it's only 35 miles away....NOT IN LA!!!  They were stuck in traffic, so it took 2 hours to get here, and 3 to get back to be on time for their evening dinner.  Which means 20 minutes with Peggy....
But, you know what, it was worth it.  I'm so glad they made the effort.  What is it that they say quality time, not quantity time.  That is really true with Alzheimer's because there is no concept of time anyway.  And even though it doesn't seem like she knows what's going on, we have to continue to show her love and that she is part of our family and include her in the conversation even when she can't participate.
So, go visit your elder people, people!
Peggy, David, Lois and Paul
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