Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Articles on Alzhimer's prevention...yeah, yeah, yeah.

All these articles are great, but the fact is Peggy walked...alot.  Even when she was in her late 70's and in assisted living...we actually worried about her walking.  She always walked, every day in some way.  Either through golf or tennis, or just walking the dog.  For goodness sake she did YOGA in the 70's!  She'd sit indian style on the shag carpet in her black leotard and panty hose and  do the lion's pose and stick out her tongue just like the lady on channel 11.   We all thought she was crazy!

OMG I just found her on you tube!!!! Lilias Folan


 Then when she brought home tofu!  We really thought she was loopy!  My mom loved healthy living and didn't smoke or drink (a lot), or swear for that matter.  She was the only person that shopped at the only health food store in Wheaton, Illinois.

So, I love these articles, I do, I'm sure they are good.  We should all walk and eat the right foods.  But Alzheimer's is Alzheimer's and there is no cure.  Not until enough research and money is thrown at this DISEASE, because that's what it is, a disease not a lifestyle or choice.