Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hitting, Swearing and aggressive behavior

Peggy?  Yep, that's what the nurse said when she called on Friday.  I thought we figured this out, balanced the meds, she was accepting help, and it was all okay.  When someone you love has Alzheimer's Disease, these turns and shifts in the brain and body and how it functions are always alarming.  What does this "new" development mean?  Is it another stage?  How do we fix this?  Unfortunately the reality is that, yes, it's another stage, but not necessarily a progressive one it's just another plaque stuck in the web of the brain.  It's another barrier to communication with your loved one.

 I saw the confusion on her face today.  I saw her in this sea of time with no mooring, I reached out to her and she swiped at me.  She swore, then said she was sorry, I scolded her, I told her I love her and I apologized to Harriet after she hit and threw a dirty towelette at her face.... I saw her, and I couldn't get her.