Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Peggy used to be a great knitter...I brought over an afghan she had made and put it on her couch, and asked her if she remembers making it.  She doesn't.  Why do I think memory is so important, or keep asking her stuff like that?
When I told Gidget Nana was waiting in the car at pre-school.  She smiles huge and says "Nana!, I love Nana!"  She simply just loves her Nana, alzheimer's and all. She inspires me.  So now, Peggy knits with Gidget and they make a mess with the yarn.  I keep trying to get them to ravel it back up and organize the colors, and they just roll it back out and  play with it like kittens.
This is a pastel painting I did, called Alzheimer's disease, in 2003 when my mom was first diagnosed.  I used to think it was a portrait of her.....maybe it's me.