Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Gift of Presence

This article a friend of mine shared on Facebook  helped me realize a little bit of what we have been through.  It's advice on how not to "help" someone suffering. This was a huge thing for me to succumb too.  This was a difficult lesson for me to learn taking care of my Mom.  Throughout her time with Alzheimer's, there was less and less I could do to "help" her.  Succumbing to simply being there was difficult, yet when I did realize that being there was enough, I did see her soul and that connection lasted until the very bitter end. Although the article is mostly about depression, I think it applies to everyone. Here is the link to this article on the website on being by Parker J. Palmer.

Friday, June 2, 2017

There were 2 ladies outside the grocery store today. I didn't see them going in.  I walked out with my avocados and eggs and they said to me "Would you like to give to Alzheimer's"  I kept walking and said "I'm sorry, no." then murmured to myself,  "I've given enough."

pastel sketch