Friday, May 12, 2017

I saw you...

I saw you.
Walking slowly,
I saw her
Blank stare,
Walking slower.

I knew you.
Where you were,
Why you were there, and
How you wanted it to be lovely.

A walk in the garden,
By her side.
Thinking you were alone,
But you weren't because,
I have been there too.

This is a poem and the first thing I have written about Peggy, and it's actually about a mother and daughter I saw in Descanso gardens.   I didn't speak to them, but I knew the older woman had Alzheimer's.  I wanted to stop and hug them, but I didn't.  I just kept going, like life does, but my heart aches for them and for what Peggy and I went through.  Yet, my heart also fills with the love we shared when the disease grabbed ahold of her, and I never let go.