Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Mooring on Thanksgiving

my sketch before Thanksgiving 
Earlier this week,  I was dreading another Thanksgiving at Peggy's "home." I could barely stomach the thought of all of us awkwardly standing around in that tiny room, the traditional smell of turkey masking the usual scent of the house for this year's future holiday memories with our Mom's disease placed at the center of the table, again.

 Today is Sunday and my brother Dave and his family have left. I now have a moment to reflect on another holiday spent with and without my Mom. I see it differently than I did a week ago. While
we did all stand around in her room, old age and disease did not preside over the occasion. The love for family did. We chatted with each other and FaceTimed our family who couldn't come. My brother Paul spent Thanksgiving with his three kids and a new son-in-law in Kansas City. It was astonishing to all of us that his youngest son, soon to be a doctor, was now old enough to host their holiday.  Ashley, Christopher and Sunny reminded us of our teenage selves with humor and frustration. Gidget, our youngest, is fully equipped with braces and, in my opinion, the best smile of our whole bunch.

Although my Mom can't actively participate in our lives, she still hosts the table that we gather around. What I hope my family remembers from these gatherings is how well we all care for each other and how we hold our memories and each other dear as we continue to make new ones.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's election day

We are very excited around here about the election.  I'm sure my Mom would think it was really great we were all voting for a woman president!  So I wore my pantsuit and gave her an update.