Monday, September 19, 2016


 I always make sure to give my Mom a big hug before I leave town, even if I'm gone just for a day.

 My little daughter and I were going on a road trip, the Cow Parade in San Luis Obispo was having a special launch party.  We were having so much fun together, we went to the cow party and then out to dinner, where she tried her very first and last oyster.  That night we stayed in a motel in Morro Bay listening to the seals and gulls and hatched a plan to wake up early to take a Kayak out into the Bay to hopefully find a Sea Otter.

I had a dream that night. My Mom, Peggy was on the shore standing up and we were hugging as we both said to each other. "I didn't know I would miss you this much." It was one of those dreams where you physically feel someone and wake up sad that they're not actually there, but I wasn't sad this time. I woke up with the warmth of the hug and feeling good, not sure why I wasn't feeling the usual sense of loss. Then I realized it was because it wasn't me just hugging her like usual, but it was because she was hugging me back. 

 Mommy Sea Otter and her baby hugging each other out in the bay.  

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